Code has landed in Polari

Florian pushed a new release Polari not more than two days ago. This is Polari 3.17.90:

Error Handling

Polari now indicates the status of each connection next to the connection’s name in the sidebar. If Polari encounters an error, an error icon is displayed. Clicking on the connection in the sidebar, will show a popover with error details and an action which can possibly solve it.

Paste service integration is back

Polari 3.17.90 brings back paste service integration with an improved user interface designed by Allan Day. If more than five lines of text are pasted to the chat, Polari will indicate that the text is going to be uploaded to a public paste service. Pressing enter confirms, Ctrl+Z, Delete, Backspace or Escape cancels.

  • The sidebar now sports an improved look by Lapo Calamandrei.
  • The ‘New messages’ line has gotten a more clear design by Allan.
  • A good 16 bugs or so has been fixed since 3.17.3, improving stability and user experience.

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