RFHG Concepción

The Saturday 4 of June we are going to celebrate the first Gnome Meeting (aka Reunión de Formación de Hackers GNOME) for this year at Duoc UC Concepción who kindly host it for second time, thanks!.

I’m going to give a talk about Contributing to Gnome and after lunch a practical session about developing with GTK+, fun fun fun. I’m happy for traveling to Concepción, I have a bunch of good friends there, that i hope to see this time. Oh! if you’re going to travel from Santiago to Concepción let me know it so we can travel together or at the same hour :-). Ok so… what are you waiting for? come on and join us!, we’re going to have free beer! (just kidding but i’m going to ask…).

andres with an afro

This dork is one of my best friends.

4 thoughts on “RFHG Concepción”

  1. He’s going to the dark side … I’ll give you “Profesor Salmon y Turururu”.

    See you at my home town, the city that always sleeps.

  2. guahah! I didn’t noticed it. Maybe i can make a some kind of “Turururu” disguise, so we can make a show together or so, i’m just wondering how weird will be our routines.. for sure everything will be pretty fun until andres get drunk and take his pants off, damn exhibicionist…

    See you there dude 🙂

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