GNOME Reunion at UCentral

The past saturday we held the ninth GNOME reunion in the ucentral which is located in our lovely city of Santiago, I’m really happy to see again a couple of assistants of the past reunion, as i far i know some of them are already contributing doing some translations. Before we start i gave a small trip by GNOME 2.12 and show them the new characteristics of our dear project.

Some attenders

Sadly i can’t stay until the end of the reunion, because i had a couple of things to do, sorry guys. oh yeah and one exhibitor didn’t attend and even turn off his cell phone, dude you know the meaning of “responsibility”?, i guess not. Ok so Maybe the next reunion will be hosted at Concepción i don’t know when but soon, stay tuned!.

Horst von Brand talking about his experience with Free Software Development.

4 thoughts on “GNOME Reunion at UCentral”

  1. I don’t know where you read the word “Idol” in the post, are you sure you are posting in the right place?

  2. jajjaa, falto al foto del profe durmiendo …, q mal q no se quedo hasta el final, fue lo mejor, con fabian nos fuimos bien felices jajajjaja.

  3. hosrt sucks a lot, i knew him in caracas (2003 i think) and really its a old pussy men who wants be the op king.

    maybe ist time to be a neo horst.
    take care pedro.

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