GNOME Football Match

During the GUADEC7 at Vilanova i la Geltrú we want to play a football match, so we have created a page at, with some info about the match, on the beginning it will be a futsal match but if we could get enough players, we can go for a Futbol-7 or for a Futbol match (11 players each side). If you want to play please fill your name on the list, i hope we don’t get too much goalkeepers 😛

Remember this is a unique opportunity for kicking your favorite GNOME Developer!

4 thoughts on “GNOME Football Match”

  1. Hopefully Gnome vs. KDE match can be orginised sometime. I’t would finally settle the score 😉

  2. I would cross the ocean to play that match.

    If by some unknown reason I suddenly appear in the middle of Europe thanks to a vortex or something, please consider me a midfield/defender.


  3. petteri that was the initial idea, if we could have a person from KDE that can organize a team well we can play that versus match 🙂

  4. where are you mot***f*ck*r!!!

    hace años que no se de ti pedro!

    Estoy estudiando en Duoc UC, y aca hay bastante gente que te conoce 🙂

    mantente conectado (y patea al developer de Gaim en el partido, que aun se ve inmensa la main window en mi pantalla)

    Un Abrazo.

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