Hipo "Havana Rules Saturday" 0.2

I’m pleased to announce to you the second release of Hipo, what’s new ?

  • Fix compilation issues in ArchLinux (Thanks to Eugenia Loli-Queru for the report).
  • Added dialog for edit the device properties. #392430
  • Changed svn for http in the taglib checkout. #392482 (Felipe Barros).
  • Add ipod-sharp.dll.config to the install rule.
  • Clear info when device is not present. #392533
  • Ipod actions greyed out when no device is connected. #392432 (Gabriel Felipe Cornejo).
  • Fix #393968
  • Add Catalan translation. (Thanks to Gil Forcada).

Translators we need you, at the time we only have two translations Spanish and Catalan, so if you’re not of those two language speakers please translate hipo ;-), if you don’t have a SVN account drop me an email or just fill a bug with the translation.

Oh yeah and thanks a lot to Gabriel Felipe Cornejo for fixed our FIRST gnome-love bug!

You can get hipo from the 0.2 tarball, from the cute GNOME SVN.