I want a bock one!

I’m planning to do a travel to the south of Chile the next week, my base city will be Valdivia, a pretty awesome city located at almost 12 hours in bus from Santiago, the last time that i was there i went with my cousin Caco and we spent a great great time eating Curanto a la Olla in Punucapa and visiting Niebla. One of the places that almost all the guys i know visited when they went to Valdivia is the Kunstmann beer factory where you can drink the Best beer in Chile.

Valdivia will not be the only city that i’m going to visit, the next stop will be Puerto Varas, where for me the National Park Vicente Pérez Rosales is the main attraction, in the park you can find the Todos los Santos Lake, see snow-capped volcanoes and enjoy an awesome flora.

I carry my camera with me almost all the times so i’m gonna take a LOT of pictures which i’m gonna upload for sure to my flickr page. And now i remember i really need a flickr pro account…