If you remember one
of my last posts
related to the infraction of the Creative Commons license, well the company and particulary the design guys who used the punk bear image respond very quickly to the letter from
the ONG of Digital Rights and they removed the image from the website and payed some money to Armando Torrealba. This is a great news for all the community of creators, since it shows the effectiveness of these licenses in our Country.

My congrats to the guys from the ONG
Digitals Rights
for their help on Armando’s problem and a big thanks to Rodrigo Valenzuela from ONG Digitals Rights for sending me this awesome news. If you are wondering what Armando is going to do with the money… well he is going to use it for help to build a telecentre in a school in Chillán, he deserves at least an applause.

Rodrigo has sent me this screenshot in case you wanna see the website where they used the design.