FLISOL 2007 Update

Last Saturday the whole Latin América celebrated the FLISOL 2007 in my city it was held in the DIINF USACH, it was cool, lot of people and a lovely ambient our stand was almost all the time with guys asking things or just seeing what GNOME can do for them, we made a bunch of stickers for giving away to all who want it and also our stand had a PC where the people can did common tasks like reading emails, news through the net, chatting, etc.

GNOME stand

our stand

A lot of people asked me if we had GNOME t-shirts to give, i only can say to them “i’m sorry…” cause all the t-shirts (GUADEC’s ones) we had, we gave them last year during the GNOME Day event and sadly we don’t have enough money for print, anyways i promised them t-shirts for this year but not before GUADEC, so I’m now just crossing my fingers and hoping the GUADEC committee this year can give us a couple just like last year.

GNOME stand

Felipe stayed almost all the day at the stand helping people.

There were also more communities like Ubuntu and Fedora both of them have stands and help people to install his favorite distribution. You can see the stands here and here.

Thanks a lot to the organizers for invited us and for made this event one of the best FLISOL’s ever.

there's something better?

also you can get free coffee served by cute girls, tasty.

I’m gonna try to put all the photos i can (sorry i don’t have a pro account) of that day in this flickr set.

6 thoughts on “FLISOL 2007 Update”

  1. looks cool! good post!
    where there any hot guys to serve coffee to girls?

    michelle (chica)

  2. Previous post suggest that it’s a bit ‘inappropriate’ to refer to the girls in the pictures as “hot”. Maybe “cute” would be less sexist 😉

  3. I would gladly carry your photos in a blog post on Rudd-O.com, so you can link to them. All the space you need, I can provide.

  4. estuvo muy buena tu presentacion, yo y mis amigos te damos las gracias por los autoadhesivos!

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