Quiero mis patatas bravas!

I arrived yesterday to Madrid, the flight was ok this time, the flight arrived to the T4-Satellite or something like that, so i was a little bit lost Barajas is a really big airport, the good thing is that this time i didn’t lost my baggage :-). My Sister meet me at the airport, with her friend Sonia and my totally cool nephew Luca, his my first nephew so I’m totally happy, Luca you’re making my world.


World say hi to Luca!, Luca say hi to the World!

I’ll be here till the Saturday morning, so if you want to meet me just drop me and email so we can take some tapas around.

3 thoughts on “Quiero mis patatas bravas!”

  1. negro menos mal que lucas no se parece a vo

    suerte en europa y saludos a tu familia por alla
    acuerdate de mis encargos fucking nigah, te los pago en Chile

  2. Congratulations on your new nephew!! I have 4 nephews now and the wonders never cease 🙂 So glad to see your luggage didn’t go the opposite direction from you. I’ve been looking for travel information lately, have you seen or tried Global Bag Tags by chance?

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