The piracy just knocked my door

Five minutes ago i heard someone screaming at the front of my house, so i went out and:

he: Alo!
me: yes?
he: Hey! I'm selling Movies and Music for 500 pesos (around 1 dollar), do you want to see some?
me: (shocked) thanks...
he: Come on, without any compromise, just see it I have a lot of new movies
me: (still shocked) no, really.
he: ok, you lose.

Ok, I’m used to see some people selling movies, music and whatever on the streets of Santiago but knocking at your door to offer you that, really really freaks me out.

7 thoughts on “The piracy just knocked my door”

  1. That isn’t weird, really!

    On my last job the piracy seller came out to my office to offer his movies XD, i never buyed, but he came again and again… They never give up…

  2. The worst part is, all the stupid DRM, anti-piracy laws, and other crap that we’re all getting saddled with don’t stop these kinds of pirates.

  3. Just think of how much money they make and don’t have to pay taxes. It pays to break the law. Just look at all the movie stars and “music” entertainers… It’s cool to get shot and sell drugs. It’s cool to drive drunk over and over. It’s success, fame and fortune.

  4. I’m shocked for other reason, four years ago the common price for a pirate CD in Chile was $3000 pesos. That demand should be down, or not? 😛

    PD: Other interesting thing is that the dealer was speaking in English. XD

  5. a guy used to come to my office to offer the same. the quality of the movies was awful, but some mates buyed that. the piracy continues while still people who buys that. Im not an angel, but i will no pay for something of low quality.

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