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Sunday, September 16th, 2007

the next two weeks, steffi and me are going to travel a bit through belgium, north-eastern france and the netherlands (no fixed plans on anything though, so we’ll see which areas to visit and which folks exactly to meet and drink a coffee with, but the list looks nice already). i hereby would also like to thank monsieur le president nicolas sarkozy for offering atomic bombs to germany a few days ago, but would personally prefer to have 25°C at the french coast and a free gig of TTC instead.

(and when i’m back, i expect to read a response on the marketing-list about planning to release gnome 2.22 on cebit, to ignore another 2000 d-d-l emails on »dscm vs svn«, and to see that there’s finally been some traffic on gnome-cs-list, leading to +17% for the czech gnome translation. i am allowed to dream, right?)

now pack your suitcase, get your girlfriend and your car, and drive west!