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2009: Music.

Like last year my private soundtrack for 2009 in alphabetic order. (Warning: Explicit lyrics and/or video content.) Röyksopp and The Dø to mention separately, because both albums are just marvelous. Quite unfair to pick just one song here. Miou Miou … Continue reading

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GNOME 3 platform cleanup

Long time no update on the Cleanup part of GNOME 3, hence if somebody wants to spend the Christmas days with hacking a bit on boring stuff, here’s the ToDo list! ;-) Killing libgnomeui: gnome-panel Killing libglade: gdm (patch available … Continue reading

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To GNU or not to GNU

Being not subscribed to GNOME’s foundation-list mailing list (and having no intention to subscribe to it), I tried to catch up a bit with the controversy of the last days. I might have missed stuff of course. Trying to summarize: … Continue reading

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Maemo: Contributing and long-term platform strategy

Great to see the interest on Maemo in the last weeks. As expected, traffic in the forum, in Bugzilla and in Brainstorm has increased impressively.Discussions have been taking place (with regard to Bugzilla for example here or here) how to … Continue reading

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I’m proudly announcing the first Bugday: Tuesday, Dec 15th, 18:00-03:00 UTCin #maemo-bugs on Freenode IRC This is a nice way to get involved if you are a fan of the Maemo platform and the N900, but cannot or do … Continue reading

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