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GNOME 2.32 is out.

It was a hectic day. GNOME 2.32, the last 2.x version, is out now! Big thanks to all the hackers, translators, bugsquadders, documentation writers, artists, marketing folks, …. Personally I’m proud that our small translation team again managed to have … Continue reading

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Jhbuild’ing GNOME 3.0: No fun.

Hadn’t compiled GNOME for a while so I gave it a shot yesterday evening. I ran jhbuild build evolution which should build everything required for Evolution. I had a fresh and empty install directory.I don’t post this to blame anybody … Continue reading

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Probably everybody who is interested in music has this list of bands in mind that s/he could never see in concert because they had split up too early. In my case these have been Refused and Atari Teenage Riot. After … Continue reading

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