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2015: Music.

Publishing my usual list of awkward and never complete pop music preferences of 2015. Grimes’ “Art Angels” is probably my favorite album of 2015. Halsey’s “Badlands” debut and the latest releases by Purity Ring and Chvrches came close. In general … Continue reading

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2014 that was.

Music. Before I end up postponing this (like the last three years, cough) I’m publishing my list of awkward pop music preferences which is never complete. Especially because this year I had the “pleasure” to spend way too much time … Continue reading

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Publishing and writing text

It’s old news and Henri and others already covered it but I would also like to recommend this nice lecture: Lydia Pintscher published Open Device – FOSS: What we wish we had known when we started at this year’s FOSDEM … Continue reading

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Myštet: Machácame

My girls (as in “flatmates”) finally released their first music video. I am unable to embed it (WordPress and HTML5 don’t seem to be the best friends yet) so I just link to it on Youtube. Enjoy!

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2010: Music.

Same procedure as every year: My private soundtrack for 2010, in alphabetic order. (And the same usual disclaimer: Explicit lyrics and/or video content – it’s about the music.) Phoenix: 1901 (Blogotheque version) / M.I.A.: Born free / Robyn: Dancing on … Continue reading

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Probably everybody who is interested in music has this list of bands in mind that s/he could never see in concert because they had split up too early. In my case these have been Refused and Atari Teenage Riot. After … Continue reading

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2009: Music.

Like last year my private soundtrack for 2009 in alphabetic order. (Warning: Explicit lyrics and/or video content.) Röyksopp and The Dø to mention separately, because both albums are just marvelous. Quite unfair to pick just one song here. Miou Miou … Continue reading

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Gerade rotierend: Röyksopp: Happy Up Here Metric: Sick Muse La Roux: Bulletproof Schools of Seven Bells: Connjur Lady Gaga: Pokerface (acoustic) Unkle: Heaven The Dø: On my Shoulders Simian Mobile Disco: Hustler Depeche Mode: Everything Counts (Oliver Huntemann & Stephan … Continue reading

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Sätze, die man wohl nur einmal im Leben hört.

“Und wenn Du schon mal Deine neue Mitbewohnerin sehen willst, schau Dir kurz das neueste Musikvideo Deiner Lieblingsband an.”

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Sníh na schodišti (Vermischtes).

Jetzt kommt die Krise. Waschmaschine kaputt. Jacke kaputt. Fahrradschloß kaputt. Das erfreut die Volkswirtschaft, denn dann wird gekauft! Friday I’m in Love Das T-Shirt zum Song.(gefunden im Blog der sehr geschätzten la_rayis.) Adbusting Auf der Suche nach weiteren Aktionen neben … Continue reading

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