2017: Music.

That annual list of awkward incomplete pop music preferences: Stuff I listened to a lot in the last 12 months. Which did not necessarily get released in 2017. But mostly, I think. And/or enjoyable gigs.

Noga Erez‘ debut album and Zagami Jericho‘s first EP are my favs.
Followed by the latest release by Moby & The Void Pacific Choir, Sevdaliza‘s debut, and Bulp‘s first album.

Looking back at sets, Recondite, Helena Hauff and Setaoc Mass were long nights that left marks.

Looking back at concerts, EMA, Waxahatchee, Lali Puna, Moderat.
Ufomammut and Shobaleader One were banging.
Being able to see Battery live, after all those years.
Someone please send Days’n’Daze on a European tour.

I’d like to thank my bunch.
It’s been a special year, in many ways.

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