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It’s been a great year with lots of interesting changes (e.g. job and SO). Christmas was a good time to reflect. I’m very thankful to God for my life, and to my family and old & new friends for all … Continue reading

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VF. / Heimat.

VF. Rausfahren aufs Land, dort wo das städtische Busticket nicht mehr gilt (was der Busfahrer nur mit Augenbrauenanheben und einer lässigen Handbewegung in Richtung Businnenraum quittiert), in ein Kaff mit 5185 Einwohnern. Dort finden sich dann 800 Leute für ein … Continue reading

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Voting for reports in Bugzilla

Explaining how to Vote for a bug report, as I’ve read a few complaints in ITt and in private mail.Voting is helpful to identify the main issues that the Internet Tablet users and community members have. Log in to … Continue reading

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Watching products in Bugzilla

Every component in Bugzilla has a default QA contact (a virtual email address with the suffix @maemo.bugs, not completely implemented for Website bugs though, but finished for software bugs). To find the corresponding address for a component, go to the … Continue reading

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I’ve spent this Saturday on reorganizing the structure in Maemo Bugzilla (this was planned for several weeks). From my point of view, it will make it much easier to add future components/products without cluttering too much. For interested Nokia developers, … Continue reading

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