It’s been a great year with lots of interesting changes (e.g. job and SO).
Christmas was a good time to reflect. I’m very thankful to God for my life, and to my family and old & new friends for all the good discussions and talks I had.
But as I love music, grew up with MTV (those early nineties when they actually played video clips) and hence am unable to read long books or concentrate on anything that takes longer than 4 minutes I won’t write much lines but prefer to list those songs in alphabetic order that I listened to a lot in 2008.

My private soundtrack – it reminds me of some moods I was in. (Warning: Explicit lyrics and/or video content. And it’s really about the sound – some of the video clips are quite bad.)

Peter Fox: Alles neu / Amanda Jenssen: Amarula tree / Joy division: Atmosphere / Brett Anderson: Blessed / New order: Blue monday / Vypsaná fiXa: Darling / The knife: Heartbeat / CLP feat. Tunde Olaniran: I’m so trill / MIA.: Mausen / Einstürzende Neubauten: Nagorny Karabach / M.I.A.: Paperplanes / Ignite: Poverty for all / Glen Hansard: Say it to me now / Klub des loosers: Sous le signe du V / The gossip: Standing in the way of control / Justice: Stress / Chemical brothers: The test / Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip: Thou shalt always kill / MGMT: Time to pretend

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