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It was raining outside, and suddenly also inside. That’s nothing new – normally I can blame my windows for that. But this time the reason was platform-independent: It’s one of the (unused) network cables.

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“Scheitern als Chance.”

Oder in abgewandelter Form: Rest in Peace, Christoph Schlingensief. Ich bin dankbar für all die Einflüße.

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Die Systemfrage und die Gerechtigkeit.

Nach Lektüre von Texten wie “Mein Jahr in der Linkspartei” und “Der Sozialismus ist gar nicht so übel” in der FAZ (der Artikel ist nicht mehr online verfügbar, aber das Teilfazit) tauchen manchmal Ideale, die Realität da draußen, und die … Continue reading

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Three interesting Maemo5 bits

End of Life for Maemo5 hildon-desktop & friends. Being honest and communicating that something is dead: New, and good. On the wishlist for next time: Announce it on the developer mailing list (though that implies interaction with people outside of … Continue reading

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Identifying projects and localization teams in need / GUADEC 2010

The talk (at GUADEC). Apart from the usual Release Team service announcement and its charming follow-up street fights and the two short Bugsquad and Localization reports at the AGM meeting I also had the pleasure to present a talk about … Continue reading

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