Three interesting Maemo5 bits

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  1. Stéphane says:

    I’m not sure to really understand the first point, from a user point of view.
    Does it mean there will be no more official firmware update ?
    By “official”, I mean from Nokia of course.

  2. I’m not sure that the conclusions you get in your first point are right. Adam is not working on it anymore, but changes are still possible if needed. Of course there will be less and less changes at this point.

  3. @Stéphane: I talked about code repository updates for a few modules that are included in Maemo5. Generalizing it for the entire Maemo5 project would be wrong.

    @Marco: Ah, interesting. The fun of interpretations…

  4. thp says:

    …”Fixed in Harmattan” ;)

  5. magullo says:

    Speaking of interpretations, mine is that we won’t see any maemo updates to date. Sad, it’s a great OS, and hildon is great as well. Never loved qt look that much, and meego looks like kde pushed in a small box.

  6. claudio says:

    You make way too many conclusions out of one developer commit message. You’ve been working too long with the highly speculative maemo community it seems.

    And then the community will go making their own far fetched conclusions out of yours.

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  8. aklapper says:

    @claudio: I’d rather blame the highly paranoid Nokia company than the highly speculative maemo community.

  9. Ryan Abel says:

    I’m going to have to back Andre here based on what I’ve heard and seen (and Nokia’s history). I suppose only time will prove any of use correct or incorrect, though. :)

  10. SneakyC4 says:

    “hildon is great as well. Never loved qt look that much”

    Sad to hear.

    I’m just so tired of Hildon always crashing and the slowest UI I’ve ever seen. Hildon is just like a GTK slow copy for maemo.

    The new Meego-UI based on Qt is so smooth, i can’t wait to use it in my everyday’s life.
    There are many point that proves Qt-UI will be much faster than the old GTK-Hildon one.
    (support for SVG for example?… cant sum ’em up sorry).

    Did you try the new meego app for pictures? When you scroll the layer, it is just so fast smooth… Hildon (weird opengl stuff) get just so buggy!

    Whatever, can’t wait for the smooth UI of meego!

  11. Soeiro says:

    “This is the end, there won’t be any more “upstream” development. hildon-desktop and friends are truely free now, do whatever you want with them.”

    I wish the N900 proprietary drivers would be truly freed as well. ;-)

  12. Mick says:

    “I wish the N900 proprietary drivers would be truly freed as well.”

    Yeah. I long for N95-8GB quality pics from my N900. :(

    I’d love to try MeeGo too. But I’m chicken :P

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  14. Alfred says:

    There is no surprise with this conclusion. This is what happened with all previous versions of Maemo and devices, Nokia kills the device by not releasing any more official firmwares and developers won’t create any new app for an obsolete device. I’ve lived this issue hmmm like 4 times (770, N800, N810, N900). Time to move to Android.

  15. Eno says:

    Android is already eating Nokia’s lunch…

  16. Ian says:

    Thanks for letting everyone know the sad news Andre. BTW, I like your blog header; that’d make a great motto for Nokia as a whole: We’re not dead yet, but we’re working on it!

  17. rebhana says:

    Does the first bit mean that PR1.3 for Maemo5 has been finalized and fixed, and will be released sometime soon, or rather the opposite, that nobody at Nokia is taking care of that any longer because it’s not Meego?

  18. aklapper says:

    @rebhana: The first bit refers to one component of lots of components in Maemo5, hence it does not tell anything about a PR1.3.

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