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Myštet: Machácame

My girls (as in “flatmates”) finally released their first music video. I am unable to embed it (WordPress and HTML5 don’t seem to be the best friends yet) so I just link to it on Youtube. Enjoy!

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On the way to GNOME 3.2

Just dropping some recent activity here. Olav, Allan and I wrote the GNOME 3.2 release notes. They are available for translation and will soon be available to public. Sent two GNOME 3.2 blocker bug reports and asked for committing reviewed … Continue reading

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Desktop Summit: Collaboration?

At the first Desktop Summit in 2009 KDE’s aKademy and GNOME’s GUADEC conferences were just co-located. I cannot remember having had any interaction with non-GNOME folks (but I wasn’t around for the complete conference). In 2011 it wasn’t just co-located … Continue reading

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