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Middle East In late March 2016, I attended some Wikimedia gatherings in the Middle East: The WikiArabia conference in Amman (Jordan), a Technical Meetup in Ramallah (Palestinian territories), and the Wikimedia Hackathon in Jerusalem (Israel). Your browser cannot play HTML5 … Continue reading

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War Porn.

Sometimes, when some individual, group, institution publishes, releases, leaks a cruel video of this planet’s conflicts, media decide not to show it or only show a (edited) screenshot. I usually end up trying to find the uncut video on the … Continue reading

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2015: Music.

Publishing my usual list of awkward and never complete pop music preferences of 2015. Grimes’ “Art Angels” is probably my favorite album of 2015. Halsey’s “Badlands” debut and the latest releases by Purity Ring and Chvrches came close. In general … Continue reading

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2014 that was.

Music. Before I end up postponing this (like the last three years, cough) I’m publishing my list of awkward pop music preferences which is never complete. Especially because this year I had the “pleasure” to spend way too much time … Continue reading

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Tea, Cake, Research and Hardcore.

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2014: Plans.

Studying bug management To my disappointment my university seems to have no expertise available to mentor a diploma thesis about best practices and common problems in open source bug management. After ten years of working in this field there are … Continue reading

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Ich kann nicht sagen dass ich die Piratenpartei gut fände. Aber ich kann sagen, dass ich sämtliche anderen Optionen noch enttäuschender finde, speziell wenn die Bundeskanzlerin mal geschworen hat Schaden vom Volke abzuwenden, nur um dann keinerlei Meinung zum massenweisen … Continue reading

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Kaffee, Südfrüchte, Butter.

Vielleicht machen das die Geschäfte und Supermärkte im politischen Westen ja auch und es ist mir nur noch nie aufgefallen: Ist in diesem Lande eine Ware ausverkauft, so wird das die Ware auszeichnende Schildchen (“Butter: 30 Kronen”) entfernt oder einfach … Continue reading

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Občan K.: Questioning identity.

Two days ago the documentary “Občan K.” by artist group Ztohoven (homepage; Wikipedia article) was released. “Občan K.” translates to “Citizen K” but “občanka” is also the colloquial Czech word for an ID card – the plastic card issued by … Continue reading

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Publishing and writing text

It’s old news and Henri and others already covered it but I would also like to recommend this nice lecture: Lydia Pintscher published Open Device – FOSS: What we wish we had known when we started at this year’s FOSDEM … Continue reading

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