2016: Music.

That annual list of awkward incomplete pop music preferences: Stuff I listened to a lot in the last 12 months (and which did not necessarily get released in 2016).

When it comes to concerts:
  • Supersilent left me without words.
  • In Electronica, Digitalism were beautifully vibrant and energetic (cannot say if it was a DJ set or a concert – somewhere in between).
    Also enjoyed numerous challenging Neoru DJ sets (one flyer really called that “post-genre”), Poliça, Zola Jesus, and Bulp.
  • In the guitar section, blessed to see Ignite again after all those years (still the band I’ve seen the most) and (classic) Motorpsycho.
  • In Hiphop, it was a pleasure to see and talk to Little Simz and Angel Haze (see last year). Die Antwoord were entertaining as expected.
When it comes to headphones:

Thanks to my peeps. You know who you are. :)

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