Wikimedia in Google Code-in 2016

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Google Code-in 2016 has come to an end. Wikimedia was one of the 17 organizations who took part to offer mentors and tasks to 14-17 year old students exploring free and open source software projects via small tasks.

Congratulations to our 192 students and 46 mentors for fixing 424 tasks together!

Being one of the organization admins, deciding on your top five students at the end of the contest always takes time and discussions as many students have provided impressive work and it hurts to have to put a great contributor on the 6th or 7th place.
Google will announce the Grand Prize winners and finalists on January 30th.

Reading the final feedback of students always re-assures that all the effort mentors and organization admins put into GCI are worth it:

  • In 1.5 month, I learned more than in 1.5 year. — Filip
  • I know these things will be there forever and it’s a big thing for me to have my name on such a project as MediaWiki. — Victor
  • What makes kids like me continue a work is appreciation and what the community did is give them a lot. — Subin
  • I spent my best time of my life during the contest — David

Read blogposts by GCI students about their experience with Wikimedia.

To list some of the students’ achievements:

  • Many improvements to Pywikibot, Kiwix (for Wikipedia offline reading), Huggle, WikiEduDashboard, Wikidata, documentation, …
  • MediaWiki’s Newsletter extension received a huge amount of code changes
  • The Pageview API offers monthly request stats per article title
  • jQuery.suggestions offer reason suggestions to block, delete, protect forms
  • A {{PAGELANGUAGE}} magic word was added
  • Changes to number of observations in the Edit Quality Prediction model
  • A dozen MediaWiki extension pages received screenshots
  • Lots of removal of deprecated code in MediaWiki core and extensions
  • Long CREDIT showcase videos got split into ‘one video per topic’ videos on Wikimedia Commons
  • Proposals for a redesign of the Romanian Wikipedia’s main page
  • Performance improvements to the importDump.php maintenance script
  • Converted Special:RecentChanges to use the OOUI library
  • Allow users to apply change tags as they make logged actions using the MediaWiki web API
  • Added some hooks to Special:Unblock
  • Added a $wgHTTPImportTimeout setting for Special:Import
  • Added ability to configure the web service endpoint and added phpcs checks in MediaWiki’s extension for Ideographic Description Sequences
  • Glossary wiki pages follow the formatting guidelines
  • Research on team communication tools

We also received valuable feedback from our mentors on what we can improve for the next round.

Thanks to everybody for your friendliness, patience, and help provided.
Thanks for your contributions to free software and free knowledge.
See you around on IRC, mailing lists, tasks, and patch comments!

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