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GNOME 3 cleanup status update

This is another (shortened) update about cleaning up the GNOME stack for GNOME 3. This has also been posted to the desktop-devel mailing list. This status report refers to the aims listed in the 2.27/2.29 schedule and the automatic statistics … Continue reading

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GNOME Bugsquad meeting

The ever-active Javier Jardón initiated an IRC Bugsquad meeting on Monday 3rd of August, 18:00 UTC in #bugs on GIMPnet Click here for the agenda plus feel free to add any ideas that might be worth discussion with regard to … Continue reading

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Die deutsche und tschechische Politiklandschaft.

Nachdem die deutsche Bundesregierung eine Internetzensur eingefuehrt hat (und damit habe ich grosse Probleme), die sich auch von technisch unversierten Computerbenutzern innerhalb von einer halben Minute einfach umgehen laesst, werde ich wohl bei der Piratenpartei landen (von der FDP fuehle … Continue reading

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Nokia making it complicated

As Maemo 5 (Fremantle) gets closer I’m worried about Nokia implementing a buggy untested “3rd party policy” without having a dialog with the community before. It was again the community running into problems and then finding out about it. … Continue reading

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GNOME 3 Cleanup: How you can help

For those that did not attend the GNOME 3.0 Live Circus^WStatus Update at Gran Canaria Desktop Summit: As written in the slides (probably not that helpful if you did not attend the talk) I’ve set up a wikipage which provides … Continue reading

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We’ve come a long way.

Exactly ten years ago we bought a modem as my sister had convinced my parents to not wait until my birthday in October (yes, I’ve never used anything like BBS and mailboxes). So I was able to send my first … Continue reading

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Google Summer of Code problems, GCDS

GSoC and GNOME Today David J.Daniel G. Siegel and me gave a talk at GCDS named “Google Summer of Code & Highly Open Participation Contest: How successful is GNOME?”. The slides are available here (PDF, 5.2MB). The discussion after our … Continue reading

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