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triaging, and how to spend less time on it.

at guadec, some people took a look over my shoulder to see me triaging (and Don told me about the correct pronounciation). of course the bugsquad sometimes teaches triaging to interested newbies in #bugs, but it was even more fun … Continue reading

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Brennt den Club ab!

Wenn im deutschen Hiphop momentan ein Hype existiert, dann sicherlich fuer K.I.Z, auch wenn die dumme Intro (die auch gerade auf meinen Tisch liegt, da die wundervolle M.I.A. auf dem Cover ist [offenbar stehe ich auf dreibuchstabige Abkürzungen mit Punkten]) … Continue reading

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cheese & beers; no rain & lots of rain.

steffi and me spent the last two weeks driving through the north-eastern part of france, the not-yet-split states of belgium, and the netherlands, in order to visit friends and formerly unknown people, cities and beaches, places where it looked nice … Continue reading

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freedom of speech. thanks.

so, to summarize and comment the complaints i have seen in the latest blog postings on and its comments: i DO want people to post about politics, if they want to. i DO want people to blog about vegetarianism, … Continue reading

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