On the way to GNOME 3.2

Just dropping some recent activity here.

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3 Responses to On the way to GNOME 3.2

  1. elLolo says:

    I just had a look on the release notes and saw this screenshot: http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/2.32/figures/gnome-2-32.png.en
    This image makes me wonder what is the message that GNOME tries to spread. Gnome Shell has been introduced as one of the most important feature of GNOME 3.0 but this screenshot likely shows a return to the past with the fall-back mode! It seems also that the Nautilus layout is not the default that will be shipped.

    While I understand it can be interesting to show that GNOME can be customized, it’s for me a bad idea to show incoherent pictures of the GNOME desktop along its versions, so I would prefer to see ONLY screenshots from not-customized GNOME desktops.

  2. aklapper says:

    @elLolo: You looked at a screenshot of 2.32, see the URL. Unrelated to version 3.2.

  3. elLolo says:

    Oh damn, I was tired to be so dumb?! Sorry!

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