Watching products in Bugzilla

Every component in Bugzilla has a default QA contact (a virtual email address with the suffix @maemo.bugs, not completely implemented for Website bugs though, but finished for software bugs). To find the corresponding address for a component, go to the overview page, click on a product, and get the list of its components and its Default QA contacts.

Yesterday and today I fixed the mail settings for these virtual accounts (about 80% of these accounts had mail delivery completely deactivated). Now any changes to a bug report in component X will always send an email to X’s Default QA contact, now for all the software components we manage in Bugzilla.

Why is that useful?

Because it makes it easy to watch bug reports in components that you are interested in, e.g. if you are a developer or a triager.
Log in to Maemo Bugzilla, go to your Mail Preferences, scroll down to “User Watching”, and add the Default QA contact’s email address to your watchlist. Now you will receive all bugmail about all changes to any reports of a specific component.

While doing this, I’ve seen that some folks were and are subscribed to QA contacts that had mail delivery deactivated. This means that a few community members and Nokians will suddenly receive a lot more bugmail than before, and maybe about components they are not interested in anymore. To fix this it’s the same as above: Edit your Watchlist and remove the stuff you are not interested in. Nevertheless expecting a few complaints on Monday when checking my mailbox (I’m off for this Friday). ;-)


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5 Responses to Watching products in Bugzilla

  1. Quim says:

    I wonder how aware is people (including some developers) about how to watch components and other cool but not evident features of Bugzilla. is there but… visible enough? Has instructions somewhere?

    Some people in ITt were not aware either about the Bugsquad team itself. Considering the interest around filing bugs and seeing them solved, perhaps the whole thing should have more visibility with instructions to get started easily.

  2. aklapper says:

    @Quim: does not have any instructions about this, only the “How to file a bug” at that is linked from .
    I have a blog entry about Voting in the queue that should probably be transfered to a Bugsquad wiki page afterwards.
    Going to take a look next week.

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  4. aklapper says: is definitely wrong. Something to rewrite for the holidays. :-)

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