bugs.maemo.org reorganization done.

I’ve spent this Saturday on reorganizing the structure in Maemo Bugzilla (this was planned for several weeks). From my point of view, it will make it much easier to add future components/products without cluttering too much. For interested Nokia developers, it should be easier to track bugs (by e.g. adding the virtual QA contact to one’s email watchlist) because the new components fit better to the working areas of internal software teams. For the reporter, it’s hopefully easier because we e.g. gave the Home applets and the Utilities explicitly their own components.
Making it easier both for bug reporters to find the right product/component and for developers to track their components is like trying to square the circle, but I think we have a good compromise here.
I’ve also introduced a category named “X-Graveyard” which includes the “product” “X-Discontinued”. Stuff that is not shipped/not worked on anymore will end up here – less clutter in queries and products.

General progress

The decreasing numbers in Stephen’s weekly Bug Jars have already shown the nice progress we’ve been making in cleaning up two years of mostly ignored bug reports, though I must admit that a good part of the reports that were closed are either unfortunately “WONTFIX” or “FIXED for Fremantle, but not in Diablo”. This is not the perfect solution from a Diablo user point of view (and has led to some discussions and complaints), but I prefer to honestly forward this Nokia feedback (and receive some flames, though I’m not the one making these decisions actually) instead of continuing to just ignore the reports. You too, probably. :-P

Stats showing the Clean up progress

As you know I forward “valuable” reports (good steps to reproduce, tested with the latest public version) to Nokia’s internal bug tracking system, hence it’s interesting for me to see how many reports exist that do not have an internal reference yet. (Development platform bugs are handled in Maemo Bugzilla only so they don’t count here.) You can help reducing that number by taking a bug report that does not have an internal reference yet, reproducing it with the latest version and adding a comment about this. Even if it’s only one bug – it helps improving Maemo.

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3 Responses to bugs.maemo.org reorganization done.

  1. foo says:

    Does maemo forward bugs and patches back to Debian and upstreams?

  2. Ryan Abel says:


    Actually, most of Nokia’s work takes place upstream anyway, so that’s a somewhat misleading question.

  3. aklapper says:

    @foo: I’ve been mostly forwarding bug reports to the bugtracker of Busybox and to GNOME Bugzilla. At least for products handled in GNOME Bugzilla I don’t see much sense in also forwarding them to Debian’s Bugzilla.

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