Probably everybody who is interested in music has this list of bands in mind that s/he could never see in concert because they had split up too early.
In my case these have been Refused and Atari Teenage Riot.
After a hiatus of ten years the latter exist again (with a slightly different lineup as Carl has died and as Hanin can’t scream that much anymore).
Bought the ticket today and I’m pretty excited to finally see them live this weekend, after all those years, with some new material.

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  1. Mattias Bengtsson says:

    I would also have loved to see Atari Teenage Riot back in the days. They played at Hultsfred festival in Sweden 11 years ago, apparently it was LOUD. Couldn’t make it though. Refused is also up there on the list of bands i’d like to have seen.

  2. LaHaine says:

    I’ve seen ATR in 1995 on a ship called MS Stubnitz. It was a nice aggressive show. I’ve missed them when they’ve opened for Nine Inch Nails in 1999. At the last solo show Alec has already played some ATR tunes, they were the best.

  3. Wow – that is not a reunion I was expecting to see :)

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