Bugday: Dec 15th, 18:00-03:00 UTC

I’m proudly announcing the first Bugday:

Tuesday, Dec 15th, 18:00-03:00 UTC
in #maemo-bugs on Freenode IRC

This is a nice way to get involved if you are a fan of the Maemo platform and the N900, but cannot or do not want to write code for example.

Bugdays are about hanging out together on IRC, triaging/discussing some reports in Bugzilla, and introducing new people into triaging. No technical knowledge needed, no obligations. So, step by and say hello to the Bugsquad.

And now to some other bits and pieces:

  • We’ve become stricter with regard to having non-trivial enhancement requests filed in Brainstorm instead of Bugzilla. To avoid reporter frustration, a note about Brainstorm when entering a bug report will be displayed in Bugzilla soon (Karsten is looking into this).
  • New shiny Bugsquad logo by wazd (see above). Thanks!
  • Published and updated version of my small Greasemonkey triage helper script. Happy to share this.
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3 Responses to Bugday: Dec 15th, 18:00-03:00 UTC

  1. .thomas says:

    excellent initiative!

    will probably be able to attend a few hours.

  2. Jago says:

    Sounds a good way to get involved – but do we need an N900 !
    (I presume so to do the triage and bug reporting?)

  3. aklapper says:

    @Jago: Yes, it’s probably easier to have an N900 (for example for reproducing issues), however there are of course also tasks that can be done without, e.g. taking a look at old reports with “moreinfo” keyword, or searching for duplicates (though Bugzilla should be quite clean currently with this regard).
    Also see

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