Bugzilla: Minor tweaks


Incoming reports in the last weeks

As I’m quite busy with the normal “Triaging and Syncing” business already (as seen above, a first increase of bug reports happened right after Maemo Summit in week 41, but I expect way busier times ahead) Karsten concentrates on technical stuff. It’s good to have him back as now stuff gets done that unfortunately was on the backburner.
First pay-offs (small, but definitely worth to mention, not only for the sake of transparency) that were done because I could “outsource” this to Karsten:


Entering a new report

Having users/customers reporting a bug in order to improve a product is great (always keep in mind that they do not need to spend the time on that). However the freetext input makes this sometimes complicated: A “Steps to reproduce: Connect to foo.” is vague when there are several ways offered by the UI to connect to foo and only one of these ways triggers the bug. Also, some testers (me, for example) love to simply follow braindead exact instructions without the need to think a lot. ;-)
Hence Bugzilla now asks reporters to use an ordered list to provide exact steps. Yes, it is helpful.
Also, when it comes to reproducibility of issues an answer like “Sometimes, but not too often” is always a bit vague and does not tell how often the reporter had tried (once? five times?). Now we ask for numbers like “maybe 3 out of 10 times”.


New “Moved to Brainstorm” answer

Closing valid enhancement requests as INVALID just because they are better suited for Brainstorm always sounded a bit rude. We now have a MOVED resolution plus a nice one-click-button-and-done implemented.

And third, we have a link to the Bugsquad on the Bugzilla frontpage now.

More news to come.

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7 Responses to Bugzilla: Minor tweaks

  1. That’s nice Andre… thanks to both of you.

  2. jukey says:

    Nice little changes! Will there be a back link to the bug in too?

  3. aklapper says:

    @jukey: No, currently it’s quite rudimental and the main thing was to get rid of the “invalid” resolution…

  4. timsamoff says:

    More than “little” changes, I assure you, Andre! ;)

    Jukey’s idea is a good one that I hope we do see in time.

  5. .thomas says:

    looking good andre, nice changes.

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