GNOME 3 platform cleanup

Long time no update on the Cleanup part of GNOME 3, hence if somebody wants to spend the Christmas days with hacking a bit on boring stuff, here’s the ToDo list! ;-)

And in the extended basket:

  • Killing libsexy: vino
  • Killing HAL: See the open dependencies of the meta bug
  • Killing XULRunner in favor of WebKit: yelp
  • So, what did I forget in this quickly written list? :-)

    Nice to see more and more modules getting Introspection Support.

    Worth to consider: XDG config folder implementation.

    Also I’d like to give a big “Thanks” to Javier Jardon for working like mad by both filing bugs and providing patches in these fields, especially when it comes to GTK+.

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    6 Responses to GNOME 3 platform cleanup

    1. Lars says:

      Thanks for the update.

      Clean up for gnome-panel seems kinda stalled.

      Is it because everybody expects some stealthy k0der-ninjas will show up and free the panel from its evil bonobo shackles in a last minute heroic effort?

    2. Javier Jardón says:

      You are more than welcome :)

      Regarding this, I’d like to encourage developers to use


      macro (included in gnome-common) in files, so you will be notified when you use a new deprecated symbol.

      Also, take a look to the awesome Frederic Peters graphs to track the status of you module:

      Best regards and thank you all!

    3. aklapper says:

      @Lars: It’s because the maintainer has a basic plan in his head but is too busy and overworked to push it, I’d say.
      But it’s not the highest priority anyway as gnome-panel might be dropped in favor of gnome-shell.

    4. Alex says:

      One module that isn’t part of the desktop that I would really like to see not get left behind is ghex.

      It suffers from libbonobo, libgnome, libgnomeui, libgnomevfs, libgnomeprint, gconf, and gtk deprecated symbols.

    5. aklapper says:

      @Alex: ghex is simply unmaintained, I’d say… If you want to patch it, go ahead.

    6. Ted Gudroe says:

      Will this work for both men and women?

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