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Checking and updating old Maemo bug reports

Friday, March 27th, 2009

How up to date are the bug reports?

There’s currently only 5 open non-moreinfo Apps/Platform tickets left with version field set to a version earlier than 4.0.
That’s quite cool because it means that there’s nearly no non-updated bugs left about Bora or earlier – stuff that’s not being worked on anymore anyway. Having an up-to-date bug database is important to see what issues are still relevant, so help is welcome to check whether tickets filed against Chinook still apply to the latest Diablo version (5.2008.43-7) by simply adding a comment and updating the version field.
But even more helpful is to check if tickets still apply to Fremantle. This can be done for some Platform issues by using the Fremantle SDK alpha.
There’s currently 38 open Platform tickets with the version field set to Fremantle, but this also means that there’s 267 open Platform tickets with version field not set to Fremantle.
The Bugsquad is waiting for you – even if it’s only one small bug that you check, it definitely helps improving the platform and is appreciated! :)

Fremantle SDK alpha

Very late to blog about this, but some people might have seen that I’ve created a few more Target Milestones (5.0-alpha, 5.0pre-alpha) instead of the generic “Fremantle” one when the Alpha SDK was released. This should make everything a bit more transparent by having exacter information on when a bug was exactly fixed.