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GNOME 3.0 Schedule draft; Streamlining of the Platform.

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009


Today I have released a GNOME release schedule proposal for 2.27 and 2.29 (please keep discussion streamlined on desktop-devel mailing list instead of e.g. the comments section of this blog).

GNOME 2.30 will be GNOME 3.0 (if it’s considered to be ready in an early 2.29 stage – else 2.32 will become 3.0), as proposed by the GNOME release team at GUADEC 2008 (Remember some blog entries and press coverage?).

All the additional stuff (“additional” compared to former schedules) listed in the proposal is technical and under the hood, as this schedule proposal also covers streamlining of the platform by getting rid of deprecated modules.

Note that such a “boring” platform cleanup is not meant to completely define GNOME 3. This schedule proposal is just a proposal for being a part of what will be called GNOME 3.

By purpose, the schedule proposal does not cover any potential UI changes, any potential redefinition of GNOME, any blingbling UI, any complete rewrites from scratch or any implementations of a semi-working kitchen sink. If you are interested in such fields and topics, I am not the person to talk to. Please see other more generic threads about GNOME 3, especially Vincent’s d-d-l posting and blog post and Lucas’ blog post.

Also, this plan does not cover by purpose stuff like gnome-shell vs. gnome-panel, gnome-zeitgeist, or Vala, PolicyKit, PackageKit, etc. Discussing them is recommended, but IMO these modules are not crucial for the GNOME3 schedule.

On the other hand, gconf vs dconf is also not yet covered by this plan, but definitely crucial to discuss.

So… if you are also interested in cleaning up your favourite desktop and getting it to the next level: Join the discussion (e.g. about the future of GNOME’s a11y), or take a look at the status overview and provide patches in GNOME Bugzilla. Help is highly welcome, especially when it comes to getting rid of libgnome and libgnomeui. Code needs to be written here. Soon.

GNOME 2.26

I didn’t blog about our beautiful 2.26.0 release as I’ve been busy with relocating and job, but I must mention my heros for 2.25 – those brave folks that provided a lot of patches to clean up and helped on the way to GNOME 3. This is definitely not a complete list, but names like Thomas Andersen, Cosimo Cecchi, Luis Menina, Maxim Ermilov and Saleem Abdulrasool come to my mind. Thanks guys, you rock!