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FOSDEM, ah well, why not?

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Okay, after checking exam dates, chatting with Olav and the Openismus crew, and having the Maemo and GNOME communities in mind I’d like to state:

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting
Just booked a one-way flight to Brussels, not decided yet how and where to go back. SNAFU ;-)

Monday, January 18th, 2010

The last two weeks were a bit… stressful.

First of all some Nokia-internal changes with regard to Error Management, then Bugzilla moving to a new server. Unexpected side effect was data loss. Spent part of last Monday restoring what I still had in my bugmail. Still it leads to confusion and mistrust (“Why was my account deleted?” – “You probably created it in that data loss time frame?” – “Ah.”).

Then we had the Maemo5 PR1.1 release on Thursday (with a nice ChangeLog) and some problems on Saturday and Sunday, hence bugmail (change notifications) was not delivered.

Sharing other thoughts on broader issues that are currently on my mind:

Before writing the very first bug report (maybe even of your life) it’s recommended that reporters take a look at the How-To. Good bug reports save everybody’s time and issues get fixed faster. We should put this information on the first Bugzilla page to avoid frustration on both sides.

Also the number of incoming reports is constantly high, hence I am sometimes short with my comments (as I also have to take a look at the internal comments for public tickets, verify some reported issues in newer internal versions, keep stuff in sync, and other stuff). Depending on cultural backgrounds some of my comments might be misinterpreted as unfriendlyness.

For the high workload Ubuntu has a nice approach called 5 A Day which is asking community members to triage five bug reports a day. I’d be happy with any number though. ;-)
On a related note, for some reasons I expect more Nokians to be around in Bugzilla after the next feature release (PR1.2) has been published. Looking forward to it.

Another problem is that many normal users don’t understand the difference between a bug report and a forum (I’ve blogged about this before, anyway). That’s predictable if you’ve never seen a bugtracker before, but if everybody wants Nokia to be more present in Bugzilla and folks actually reading bugmail and responding, please reduce adding comments on what is helpful and avoid unneeded fullquotes or answering above the quote.
Especially if instructions how to provide further information have been posted already adding just another “I have this problem too” comment is unhelpful and creates bugmail noise in everybody’s inbox. Bug reports with hundreds of comments, mixing up issues with similar outcome but different reasons quickly become unreadable so the same questions or comments get reposted plus subscribed people tend to ignore new comments. Of course this is also a question of providing better information on how to provide logs etc – should spend time on this in the next weeks.

In general of course reading before posting is required, but people are lazy. “If this is RESOLVED FIXED, then why do I still see that issue here?” It’s explained that FIXED does not mean PUBLISHED, but we could consider renaming FIXED after having Bugzilla 3.4 in place, as it confuses many people. Red Hat for example calls an internal fix “RESOLVED ON_QA” in their Bugzilla until the fix is really available for public.

So that’s the reason why I educate people ask people to please “behave”. Sometimes I scare some people or maybe have less friends at the end of the day, sometimes people are fine with what I’m doing.
In any way it’s necessary, I just felt a need to explain my intentions in public after a bit of negative feedback in the last days.

2009 Bugzilla statistics for and GNOME

Friday, January 1st, 2010

This morning my calendar told me there’s a new year available, so I created some quick & dirty statistics for my favorite bug databases: