GNOME 2.32 is out.

GNOME 2.32

(Design by Vinicius Depizzol)

It was a hectic day. GNOME 2.32, the last 2.x version, is out now! Big thanks to all the hackers, translators, bugsquadders, documentation writers, artists, marketing folks, ….

Personally I’m proud that our small translation team again managed to have 100% coverage.

The release notes might be a bit boring as most development is focused on GNOME 3.0 (April 2011), and there’s more than quite some work left to make 3.0 the awesome release that we all want to see. And by the way, module proposals period for GNOME 3.0 has started too.

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  1. KDE fan says:

    Congrats! :)