The Book of Right-On

A quick and dirty blog post to keep the world out there in the loop about what is done by a dozen of people in a big meeting room with a view over Brno, right next to a small meeting room with a view over Brno filled with people that work on a toolkit.

What the docs posse is doing:

What I’ve been doing:

  • As part of Google Code-In, Ivaylo Kalinov Markov proposed a better organized wiki frontpage for the GNOME Translation project.
    I finally merged this with a few tweaks. Thanks for your great work, Ivaylo!
  • Triaged some open documentation bug reports and as usual if you try to fix one thing you end up finding three other issue. Or underlying infrastructure issues.
  • Tried to manually find mismatches between documentation component assignees in GNOME Bugzilla, the GNOME documentation team, and the reality.
  • Other stuff that’s not yet ready for primetime. :)

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One Response to “The Book of Right-On”

  1. Taryn Fox says:

    Keep being awesome. ^.^ And show us that “other stuff” sometime soon!