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A Monday at GUADEC 2012

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Today was the first of two BoF session days at this year’s GUADEC in not-too-hot Galicia. There are quite some BoFs taking place.

As planned a few weeks ago I spent this morning with GNOME’s wonderful Accessibility crew. This led to two results:

After sneaking in for a few minutes to the Geary session (which looked like a nice and interesting way to gather feedback of potential users on the functionality scope) I went to the Translation/Localization/Internationalization BoF session.
Among the discussed topics were a calendar to enter planned release dates of projects, better outreach, reorganizing modulesets and setting better priorities to help teams where to start translation efforts, glibc locales, handling dead git modules, handling dead translation teams, killing docbook in favor of Mallard, counting strings vs counting words, damned-lies improvements, gtranslator improvements and IRC bots for logging chats. See the wiki for a full list of topics and task assignees.

I also went to some other impromptu/informal meetings to discuss certain topics but missed the “GNOME OS” session today.
Probably should blog about a few more things in the next days.

Bits and pieces from GUADEC 2012.

Friday, July 27th, 2012

This city is foggy at 3:30AM.

  • Conference feels well organized and things (wifi, sound, projectors) work.
  • Daniel said that his talk will include pictures of me but I think he fibs. Still not sure whether to consider him a trustworthy source of information after all those years.
  • Happy to see some new faces and that it feels like the highest ratio of women among the attendees ever.
  • The release-team (those 67% that are present) had a meeting to discuss stuff and such.
  • Hotel is a bit outside but has a nice bar so GNOME folks sit outside together till late at night.
  • Andreas Nilsson has found his favorite hairstyle.

GUADEC conference! Next week!

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Yet another notorious “I go to GUADEC” post.

My everchanging plans are to provide the Bugsquad annual report at the AGM meeting and to maybe theoretically join Gil Forcada in his talk “Towards less i18n barriers and more (quality) translations” on Saturday morning. Oh wait, morning? Well, we’ll see.

And to split my body on Monday to attend both the Accessibility BoF and the Localization BoF! Somehow! It’s magic!

Other vague plans feature the terms “parties”, “swimming”, “release team meeting”, “football match” and “GUADEC 2013 hosting intentions”.

I hope to see you around!