Hipo "Getting Home Early In The Morning" 0.3

I’m happy to announce to you another cool release of Hipo, what’s new?

  • Add progress dialog. (#397251)
  • Change to selection multiple mode in the view.
  • Extend device properties. (#394804)
  • Improve size calculation functions. (#392478)
  • Fixed glade translation issues. (#394616)
  • Add Dutch translation (Max Beauchez)
  • Add Polish translation (Tomasz Dominikowski)
  • Add Swedish translation (Daniel Nylander)
  • Updated Spanish translation (Felipe Barros)

Big thanks to Joao Pinto from the GetDeb hall of fame for providing Ubuntu Edgy packages for Hipo ;-)

2 Responses to “Hipo "Getting Home Early In The Morning" 0.3”

  1. Max Beauchez says:

    Ah you ruined my one minute of fame!!! ;) It’s Max Beauchez, not beuchez

  2. pedro says:

    Oh, I’m sorry… I’ve updated the info. Smile my friend, you’re famous again ;)