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Aside from larger items on my list like the previously covered Initial Setup experience, I am also working on a lot of smaller items in Polari. After finishing the GNOME 3.16 release video, I have been submitting small patches to Polari with great assistance from Florian.

06-14-15 polari-pile

First, I recently submitted a patch to Bug 724592, which adds support for the /msg command. A lot of IRC guides mention using the command “/msg NickServ identify username password” but at the moment writing this in Polari will just result in a “command unknown” response. Any results matching your search term is now also highlighted accordingly in the user list (bug 745743). Furthermore, when opening the user list, the search entry always receives focus so you can just type ahead (bug 750689). Users who are offline are now indicated in the chat history by color (bug 710792). Finally, the “join room” dialog now validates the user’s input against the server’s room list and provides auto completion (bug 709846).

Some of the patches still lie around in bugzilla. Others you can enjoy from Polari’s master branch already. I look forward to work through more small details like these. Being able to shape a user experience like that is simply great.

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  1. Are idle users marked as such in the userlist as well, or only in the chat history?

    Also, are you going to implement coloured usernames as part of this GSoC project?

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