GUADEC in Karlsruhe Awaits

On Thursday I’m taking a plane to Germany. I’m also accompanied by a friend who’d like to know more about GNOME and get involved in GNOME. Again this year I’m also volunteering – so far I have worked on t-shirts and streaming artwork for GUADEC.

On Friday at 15 in the afternoon I’m going to speak together with Carlos Soriano about the newcomer initiative we have worked on over the past year. Even if you can’t make it to GUADEC, I hear that all talks will be livestreamed, recorded and put on the web. Here’s a pitch:

Since last year GNOME has sported a revamped newcomer experience for developers with the move from GNOME Love to Newcomers ( The talk is a joint talk by Bastian Ilso and Carlos Soriano explaining what’s new and what lies in the future for GNOME’s newcomers guide.

There is also plenty of exciting changes landing in Polari these days. The Polari team has really expanded since last year and I’m looking much forward to meet together at GUADEC to discuss, design and review code.

I plan to be in Karlsruhe from tomorrow evening and will stay in Karlsruhe until Thursday next week. I’d really like to thank GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my trip, I’m sure it is going to be an enjoyable experience.


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