Some GNOME 3.9 sightings

Today I spent some time building various branches and modules to see if I could find some early signs of the features that have been proposed for GNOME 3.10. It is still early in the cycle, we are just about to release 3.9.2 this week.

Here is my harvest of screenshots. Not all features are easy to capture in a screenshot, but see for yourself.

GNOME MusicGNOME Music is a new app for, well, playing music. Of course, it can’t yet compete feature-wise with e.g. rhythmbox, but it looks fresh and promising. And it plays my music already.

GNOME MapsGNOME Maps is a map viewer. It is still in its infancy – it does not do much yet beyond loading maps and showing me my location. But that will soon change.


Gitg is a git repository viewer. It has been around for a while. Recently, it has been rewritten in vala and it is getting a visual refresh this cycle.


Bijiben is a note-taking application, it was available as a ‘preview’ in 3.8 (and you can install it in Fedora 19 by running yum install bijiben). For 3.10, it will be much more feature-complete, data exchange with tomboy and online accounts is planned.

VideosTotem is getting a face-lift, picking up user-interface elements from other GNOME 3 applications (while not losing any features).

Status menuThe GNOME shell status area may be getting a design update, combining most of the hardware controls into a single menu.

That’s all the screenshots I could gather in an afternoon. If you want to learn more about the things that GNOME contributors and summer-of-code students are working on, you can look at the proposed features, or you can try out the latest code with OSTree or jhbuild.