GNOME 3.10

I’ve just flipped the switch to release GNOME 3.10. As always, the last few days before the release were pretty hectic, trying to hunt down blocker bugs. A fun bug showed up on Monday, when all of a sudden, gnome-continuous started to show serious rendering issues on the login screen – its awesome rollback capability allowed Colin to quickly determine that the breakage had appeared within the last 24 hours. Only, there was no suspicious-looking commits anywhere to be seen. After considerable head-scratching and debugging, Ray found that the culprit was the change of the gdm version number from 3.9.90 to 3.10.0. It turned out that gnome-shell was using a simple string comparsion with the string ‘3.5.90’ to determine if the gdm version was new enough. That worked great all the way from GNOME 3.6 through 3.9 …

With that bug out of the way, and another client-side-decoration related rendering glitch tracked down by Giovanni and Owen on the day of the release, GNOME 3.10.0 is now officially available. You can find the release notes here. This time, we even managed to have a live image available at the time of the release, you can find it here.

I think it has turned out to be a pretty nice relase. As always, I’ve taken a couple of screenshots during smoke testing:

System SettingsThe new system status menu and the new display panel.

Login screenThe new system status menu on the login screen.

ApplicationsSome existing and new applications.

More applicationsSome up and coming applications to look forward to in 3.12.