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Google Code-In 2011: Thanks!

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Google Code-In 2011

Today Google Code-In 2011 ended.

Out of the 136 tasks that the GNOME community provided, 124 were successfully resolved by highschool students.

Achievements include

  • code improvements in cheese, gnome-games, vino and other modules,
  • improved or new documentation for Python and C tutorials, Anjuta, Evolution and several GNOME games,
  • updated translation for Czech, Greek, Indonesian, Latvian, Romanian and Ukrainian,
  • (re)testing of applications such as brasero and gnome-boxes,
  • and many more things, especially in outreach and research.

Also see Tiffany’s blogpost about her Code-In mentorship.

Thanks to all mentors, students, helpers and Google! I hope everybody had a good time.
If you participated I am interested in your feedback: What went well, what didn’t? If you didn’t participate, why not? Looking forward to your blog comments or emails.

Maemo, MeeGo, Mer, Tizen: Short statūs

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

While the official Maemo platform (led by Nokia) is not actively developed anymore, some 3rd party Extras and the Maemo Community Updates project (which welcomes helping hands) are quite alive.
MeeGo never managed to fulfil its own expectations with regard to openness and transparency and is also more or less dead.
Tizen (MeeGo’s successor) is still vaporware plus membership is mostly invite-only while I prefer transparency.

Mer LogoWhat is left and to recommend in this area is Mer, a community-driven project based on MeeGo with real open governance and trustworthy maintainers that know how to communicate.

Consequently I have removed my admin flag for MeeGo’s bugtracker (it feels unmaintained anyway) and unsubscribed from nearly all MeeGo and Tizen mailing lists.
I will continue to stick around in the Maemo and Mer communities (mailing lists, IRC, bugtrackers) as they currently feel like the places to be. Cheers!