Google Code-In 2011: Thanks!

Google Code-In 2011

Today Google Code-In 2011 ended.

Out of the 136 tasks that the GNOME community provided, 124 were successfully resolved by highschool students.

Achievements include

  • code improvements in cheese, gnome-games, vino and other modules,
  • improved or new documentation for Python and C tutorials, Anjuta, Evolution and several GNOME games,
  • updated translation for Czech, Greek, Indonesian, Latvian, Romanian and Ukrainian,
  • (re)testing of applications such as brasero and gnome-boxes,
  • and many more things, especially in outreach and research.

Also see Tiffany’s blogpost about her Code-In mentorship.

Thanks to all mentors, students, helpers and Google! I hope everybody had a good time.
If you participated I am interested in your feedback: What went well, what didn’t? If you didn’t participate, why not? Looking forward to your blog comments or emails.

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