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2014: Plans.

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Studying bug management

To my disappointment my university seems to have no expertise available to mentor a diploma thesis about best practices and common problems in open source bug management. After ten years of working in this field there are quite some open questions I’d like to see answered and after reading lots of scientific papers and books I yet have to find one covering the many aspects and personas involved, so why not write it?
I plan to do some case study research across FLOSS projects (and I’m thankful to Mr Riehle of the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg who pointed out a good resource explaining how to properly do this).

If you are by any chance a teacher at a German university and could imagine to mentor such a thesis, please feel free to contact me.

Wikimedia Bugzilla

This is worth a separate blog post soon, so for the time being I just point to my task list and status updates for the latest achievements. I also plan to attend FOSDEM which has a dedicated wiki track this year!


There is a documentation hackfest at the end of this month and I hope to work on the Evolution user docs which I maintain, followed by attending FOSDEM in Brussels and DevConf in Brno.


I plan to spend quite some time in Chennai this year by visiting several times. Drop me a line if you live there and would like to discuss Wikimedia, GNOME, or bug management!

Random recent photos.

Monday, March 5th, 2012

GNOME Documentation hackfest team and venue in Brno:

Brno Hackfest

Same folks wondering how to use the “Documents” application:

Brno Hackfest

KDE 4.8 Prague Release Party Cake. Congrats to the KDE team:

KDE 4.8 Release Party

One installation of the “Middle East Europe” exhibition at DOX:

KDE 4.8 Release Party

Kultur zum Pauschaltarif

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Der Gedanke, für knapp 50 EUR ein Jahr lang unbegrenzt oft in eines meiner bevorzugten örtlichen Museen gehen und noch eine weitere Person mitnehmen zu können war zu verlockend. Daher bin ich seit heute “Friend of DOX“.
Gibt es eigentlich noch weitere Museen die so etwas machen?


Zudem ist 512 voll die schöne Potenz von 2!


Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

In case Miguel makes it popular to take the name of a previous company and change the order of the letters a bit to find a name for a new company, this is my proposal for Nokia (as I pass that shop quite often at night when going home and have to smile everytime):



Friday, August 27th, 2010

It was raining outside, and suddenly also inside. That’s nothing new – normally I can blame my windows for that.

But this time the reason was platform-independent:
It’s one of the (unused) network cables.

Network cable, not as dry as expected

“Scheitern als Chance.”

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Oder in abgewandelter Form:

Fail. We can believe in.

Rest in Peace, Christoph Schlingensief.

Ich bin dankbar für all die Einflüße.

The life of others

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Besides the usual paperwork there wasn’t much to do when my grandmother passed away one year ago. She only had a few belongings in her flat in the house of my family and they were quick to sort out. She was a clear family leader with quite some principles. While I agree with some of them, others were unintentionally funny to me. For example she once went for a walk in this small town where everybody knows each other and passed a person she knew without saying “Good afternoon” or at least nodding. So her daughter asked her “Why didn’t you greet her? You know her”. My grandmother answered “She is two years younger than me! She has to greet me first!”. Both ladies were in their late 80es already.
Same with using a walking stick. Unimaginable. It would have been a sign of weakness towards anybody who would have seen her.

My other grandmother was quite the opposite. No strict rules especially in the late years, at least from my limited grandson’s view. Probably the nightmare of parents when it comes to television and sweets consumption of their child, but great as I could stay up late and spend hours of watching MTV Europe back in those days when they were still playing music clips and speaking British English only. Neither my grandmother nor me understood a single word, but it was cool.

Until a few years ago she still rode the bike to get to the supermarket. At the beginning of this year we had to realize that everything comes to end though. The funeral took place one week ago.

This grandmother never threw away anything. Though her flat in our house wasn’t that big, we found lots of stuff. Lots. Imagine you buy everything twice because the first one could break, or that you always have lots of food in the storage room because you have seen two world wars, the huge inflation of 1923 and four currencies in your life. She knew well what “bad times” can really mean.

Though I’m sad (I have lost the person that I always went for dinner to whenever I was home, every evening) it was also kind of fun to go through clothes from the 60es that are trendy again nowadays. It was interesting to find old stuff like handwritten cookbooks written in Sütterlin or some personal documents from a long time ago. You really dive into the life of another person.

Still, going through all this felt weird as I care about privacy but went through all the belongings of another person. On the other hand there’s no other option anyway – You cannot simply put the complete flat into a big bag and throw it away.

I am very proud that both my grandmothers passed away at home, in the environment that they had lived in for decades, in their beds, while sleeping, most likely without pain, and that my family took care of them in the last months, sometimes to an extend that is hard to imagine (like getting up 13 times per night). I wonder if I can also be that strong and caring once my parents might need some help in the future, nor do I know if I will live nearby. Our time makes it way easier to leave the village that you grew up in and offers you more opportunities, but for example this also destroys the traditional family advantages like grandparents taking care of their grandchildren from time to time so the parents have some time for themselves.

My sincere and deepest respect to those who care about family.

“Compassion, loving, brotherhood, loyalty /
This is friendship and all its meaning is worth to me /
Patience, kindness, intensity, all about /
Never turn your back on your friends and family.”

(Ignite: “Call on my brothers”)


Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Kleiner Hinweis für Auslandsdeutsche

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Gegenwärtige Anschrift: Kein Wohnsitz im Inland

Wer als deutscher Staatsbürger im Ausland lebt in welchem ein deutscher Personalausweis als Identifikation anerkannt/geduldet wird und wer genauso wie ich kein Interesse daran besitzt, dem deutschen Regime zwei seiner Fingerabdrücke für einen deutschen Reisepass zu geben, der kann sich als Adresse “kein Wohnsitz im Inland” auf seinen Personalausweis eintragen lassen. Wohl am einfachsten in der deutschen Gemeinde in welcher man als letztes gemeldet war (und für die verwirrten Mitarbeiter der Stadtverwaltung am besten zuvor den einschlägigen Paragraphen im jeweiligen Landesgesetz nachschauen), sollte aber auch in jeder anderen deutschen Gemeinde funktionieren.

A blast from the (German) past

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Spend a day at my parents’ place this weekend and cleaned up a bit. Found this old application for Western German citizens to enter East Germany. Interesting to see all the stuff that was asked for. Also wondering why it’s also in English and French, but not Russian…

Application for entering the GDRApplication for entering the GDR