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Friday, April 18th, 2008
  • Seminararbeit über Peter Drucker heute (fünf Minuten vor Abgabetermin) eingereicht. Beschwerden über das Timing bitte an die anderen Beteiligten. ;-)
  • Studienarbeit (Integrieren eines Straßenkartendienstes in eine Java-Desktop-Anbindung): In den nächsten Wochen fertigkriegen.
  • IGNITE-Konzert am Sonntag. Oh yeah!

Genereller Hinweis auch an all diejenigen, die sich nicht für den Themenbereich Überwachung und Grundrechte interessieren: ist ein sehr lesenswerter Blog um einen Eindruck zu erhalten, wie es werden kann, falls irgendwann das Bundesverfassungsgericht mal nicht mehr letzte Bastion der Grundrechte sein sollte.


Monday, January 21st, 2008
  • czech republic: found out a few things about myself (i should continue that in 2008), for example that i am able to share my room with somebody (i had expected me to look for a flat on my own after three weeks, but my roommate was just too friendly) and in general that i can get along in another country quite well. also spending time with people from all other the world is serious fun, with regard to both partying and discussing about cultural differences or even politics. and i’m quite sure there’s no better club than crossclub.
  • holidays: we had one of the best holiday trips ever by just taking a car and driving west.
  • soccer: i’m still a proud member of the teheran isotopes, a wonderful soccer team. thanks guys for lots of fun!
  • new year’s presents:
    (french:) je remercie #gnomefr pour me faire cadeau d’un t-shirt très chic (crevette, je t’aime!) est une disque compacte avec de la musique allemande (vuntz, je t’aime aussi et à partir de maintenant, nous pouvons l’accompagner ensemble et à haute voix).
    (english translation:) i’ve spent the last days on observing behdad to find out when he leaves for work. i broke into his apartment and stole his favourite yellow t-shirt and his mouse. behdad, i have really seen apartments in a much better state than yours (see the attached picture i took there). thanks so much to crevette for sending it to behdad so i could steal it there! ;-)
    vuntz also seems to be busy sending presents. i surprisingly received some german music that he loves to sing while eating icecream, thank you too! seems i like #gnomefr more and more! and thanks nokia for a cute internet tablet to play with (it unfortunately does not work with the university wifi because of missing ttls-pap support).
  • gnome: again annual #1 bug closer, perhaps time to look out for new challenges. had a 2007 guadec talk (also something i should do more often). the nice thing about social communities is when you meet physically when travelling – thanks to pvanhoof, mcrha and matĕj for spending some time together when i was around!
  • music: (parental advisory: don’t click links if you may dislike contents.) mp3s: beside my old time favourite crystal, i think this was my heavy rotation for 2007: rihanna: umbrella, lupe fiasco: kick push, justin timberlake: my love, jan delay: klar, k.i.z.: pogen, vypsaná fixa: lunapark. live shows: ignite (probably concerts #20-#22), rise against, k.i.z. (laughed till my tears ran down my cheeks), f.r., freundeskreis. remember, music will be always there, even if everything else gets broken.

travelling pictures backlog.

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007


france. france.


amsterdam. amsterdam.



next: prague.

cheese & beers; no rain & lots of rain.

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

steffi and me spent the last two weeks driving through the north-eastern part of france, the not-yet-split states of belgium, and the netherlands, in order to visit friends and formerly unknown people, cities and beaches, places where it looked nice “so we should just stop here and spend some time at this wonderful place”, belgian youth hostels, german bunkers and french parking lots. weather was good so we could even lie on the beach. we had lots of fun meeting with folks we hadn’t seen for some while now, drinking belgian beers and eating french cheese, and exploring the landscapes and beautiful cities. and driving through the city centre of brussels at rushhour was also… “impressive”.

1500 kilometres later i can say: sitting with pizza and wine at the beach at night, not knowing where you will be at the next day, is great. try that! you pay with the same currency everywhere, and there are no border controls – that is the part of the european idea that i really love. directly after passing the border to germany again we of course got stopped by civil policemen on the motorway, because the netherlands make it way too easy for germans to buy weapons and drugs that are illegal in germany, so they did a personal search on some of our bags and for example took a look under the foot mat beneath the driver’s seat (yeah, sure, if i smuggled drugs i’d definitely put them at the most obviously places, guys, next time i will put a paper there saying “no drugs and weapons at this place, please search somewhere else!”), but it only took about 10 minutes for them to realize that there’s nothing to hide (yes, this wasn’t the first time this happened to me :-).

after that incident i called my parents to announce that i planned to stay at their house for the upcoming night. i was told that a flooding warning for that area existed. my parents live near to a river that has an artificial lake and a dam a few kilometres up – this can be helpful, or pretty bad if the guy at the dam behaves like normal and “suddenly” realizes that the lake is full and has to emit a floodwave, like in 1998 (and sitting in a dark and cold room without light, telephone or a heating, after walking through water higher than your knees, makes you realize that your normal life is a gift). our house was flooded in 1946, 86 and 98. my 93yrs old grandmother told me that in 1946, it had been constantly raining for 8 days. they had brought the horses to a meadow up the hill early enough, and had had to put the pigs into the kitchen and the cattle on the corridor of our house. but though this time the amount of water was worse than in 86 or 98, things went different, because on our big meadow behind our house (and between our house and the river), a bypass road with a long tunnel is getting constructed, and the tunnel part is basically finished (i still wonder whether spending 70 million euros for a street in a town with 8000 habitants and 15000 cars a day makes sense, but anyway). it was a saturday afternoon, the situation was not yet critical, and (tip of the day:) if you ever want to start a war, then start it on a weekend, because nobody will be at any office. about 25 metres of the dam (protecting the construction site and a few houses like ours) were missing, because that’s the entrance area for the construction site. a few months back, we had been given three phone numbers by the construction company to call “in case of disaster or floodings”. of course in all cases, “the number you have called is temporarily not available”. the building authority of the city administration also wasn’t in the mood to act. so my parents called a friend who managed to organize two trucks filled with soil. then they broke into the construction site and set up a dam themselves. in the end, the tunnel was entirely flooded up to its ceiling” with all the equipment inside (like some dredgers), and parts of the town had to be evacuated because the big crane wasn’t considered to have a safe position anymore.

everytime someone had spoken to the construction company about potential floodings before, those smart asses knew(TM) that the tunnel is safe. so i cannot say that i don’t feel Schadenfreude – nothing happened to the house, and some folks have learned a lesson. (and it was impressive to walk around at the construction site at night, streaming water everywhere, and we had to yell to understand each other because of the watersound.)


Sunday, September 16th, 2007

the next two weeks, steffi and me are going to travel a bit through belgium, north-eastern france and the netherlands (no fixed plans on anything though, so we’ll see which areas to visit and which folks exactly to meet and drink a coffee with, but the list looks nice already). i hereby would also like to thank monsieur le president nicolas sarkozy for offering atomic bombs to germany a few days ago, but would personally prefer to have 25°C at the french coast and a free gig of TTC instead.

(and when i’m back, i expect to read a response on the marketing-list about planning to release gnome 2.22 on cebit, to ignore another 2000 d-d-l emails on »dscm vs svn«, and to see that there’s finally been some traffic on gnome-cs-list, leading to +17% for the czech gnome translation. i am allowed to dream, right?)

now pack your suitcase, get your girlfriend and your car, and drive west!

travelling, music.

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

after having been to munich for one day to steal some of murray’s time and to visit another friend there, i’m now looking forward to spending the weekend at leipzig and berlin to attend three IGNITE concerts, the band that (together with motorpsycho) has led me through the last ten years (IGNITE is that special kind of band that provides me with energy and positive values even weeks after having visited their concerts).
and on monday, rise against and the bronx have a gig here at prague.

a few nice days full of music may come, i’m prepared…


Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

insert here: united world blah blah.

well, and after setting up a first draft to reanimate regular gnome showstopper reviews, it’s always nice to go to the battle of the year aftershow hang out parties, like in the central station building: