• czech republic: found out a few things about myself (i should continue that in 2008), for example that i am able to share my room with somebody (i had expected me to look for a flat on my own after three weeks, but my roommate was just too friendly) and in general that i can get along in another country quite well. also spending time with people from all other the world is serious fun, with regard to both partying and discussing about cultural differences or even politics. and i’m quite sure there’s no better club than crossclub.
  • holidays: we had one of the best holiday trips ever by just taking a car and driving west.
  • soccer: i’m still a proud member of the teheran isotopes, a wonderful soccer team. thanks guys for lots of fun!
  • new year’s presents:
    (french:) je remercie #gnomefr pour me faire cadeau d’un t-shirt très chic (crevette, je t’aime!) est une disque compacte avec de la musique allemande (vuntz, je t’aime aussi et à partir de maintenant, nous pouvons l’accompagner ensemble et à haute voix).
    (english translation:) i’ve spent the last days on observing behdad to find out when he leaves for work. i broke into his apartment and stole his favourite yellow t-shirt and his mouse. behdad, i have really seen apartments in a much better state than yours (see the attached picture i took there). thanks so much to crevette for sending it to behdad so i could steal it there! ;-)
    vuntz also seems to be busy sending presents. i surprisingly received some german music that he loves to sing while eating icecream, thank you too! seems i like #gnomefr more and more! and thanks nokia for a cute internet tablet to play with (it unfortunately does not work with the university wifi because of missing ttls-pap support).
  • gnome: again annual #1 bug closer, perhaps time to look out for new challenges. had a 2007 guadec talk (also something i should do more often). the nice thing about social communities is when you meet physically when travelling – thanks to pvanhoof, mcrha and matĕj for spending some time together when i was around!
  • music: (parental advisory: don’t click links if you may dislike contents.) mp3s: beside my old time favourite crystal, i think this was my heavy rotation for 2007: rihanna: umbrella, lupe fiasco: kick push, justin timberlake: my love, jan delay: klar, k.i.z.: pogen, vypsaná fixa: lunapark. live shows: ignite (probably concerts #20-#22), rise against, k.i.z. (laughed till my tears ran down my cheeks), f.r., freundeskreis. remember, music will be always there, even if everything else gets broken.
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