that short-term-thinking disease.

  • GHOP tasks: so far we have at least 59 fixed bugs by GHOP students (in fact it’s much more, but i’m too lazy to tag them in bugzilla). congratulations to all participating students and their mentors!
    a few maintainers have been very active adding tasks (i’d especially like to thank the people behind gthumb, deskbar-applet, totem, online-desktop, anjuta and a few more projects for adding tasks), but most folks i talked to said “naah, no time”. can understand that – mentoring a student takes time, but some of our GHOP students are definitely interested in long-term contributing. and some of those students that cannot find a task because no unclaimed tasks exist are probably also interested in long-term contributing, but we lose these opportunities.
  • GNOME Goals: same here, there’s no momentum to get that stuff worked out… the PoLinguas goal is only waiting for the non-answering gparted maintainer to review (the rest of the modules is harder to work out), and the PoptGOption goal is only waiting for patches for Evolution, bonoboui and gnome-python and the unresponsive gnopernicus folks. i’m sometimes impressed by the ignorance even of maintainers of small modules that it takes years and several pings to get such simple patches in. maintainers may say “naah, no time, more important stuff to work on”. can understand – small goals also take time. i just wonder how attractive the GNOME platform can be towards contributors or potential investors if you don’t clean up your codebase. i’m curious how long it will take until we can finally stop to ship deprecated gnome-vfs and libgnomeprint*. probably ages.
  • release notes: we had bad press for 2.18, and we had bad release notes. we had good press for 2.20, and we had good release notes. surprise? the earlier you start working on cute release notes, the better the text and the (number of) screenshots can be. you need input from the maintainers for that, and nagging every single maintainer takes time. GNOME has a roadmap for that, and the maintainers shall update it with the module features and also plans for 2.24, now that we have reached 2.22 feature freeze. some maintainers will say “naah, no time”. can understand – refelecting on the important stuff you’ve added in the past months takes time. but the release notes are the most crucial thing GNOME has to manage in six months. if the notes suck, then the GNOME release will suck (at least according to the press). journalists will not just wait to see for themselves and spend their time on running 2.22 to write an article about it two weeks after everybody else has written about it. and don’t even mention sneak previews that we don’t have the volunteers for.
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9 Responses to that short-term-thinking disease.

  1. Jani Monoses says:

    gnome-volume-manager still uses poptOptions even if the wiki says otherwise

  2. aklapper says:

    @Jani: can you please elaborate by adding a comment to ? thanks a lot in advance!

  3. Jani Monoses says:

    Added it :)

  4. Frank says:

    Perhaps make some kind of time limit after which projects that still not comply are just dropped from the goal? Seems too bad to not move on to different goals just because of an absent maintainer?

  5. JanC says:

    Laurent got maintainer access for the GParted project, got access to SVN & Bugzilla, and he found a developer who wants to work GParted.

    Let’s hope that now things will start to go better in the future…

  6. LarryT says:

    Hi there,
    Yeap, since two days the previous maintainer of GParted let me go on. BTW, a new C++ dev as reached the team :
    hope the will come back to life :)

  7. LarryT says:

    …but the current project is stopped because it is not possible to have access to the svn repo !
    Plors(Bart) the old dev, forgot his password and his mail link is now fried :(
    I hope gnome will answer to my request before months…

  8. LarryT says:

    Here is the request : ticket 4359

    I hope since the project waits for an admin since one year, they will do something for the project.

  9. aklapper says:

    larryT, frank, great news! nice to see gparted back on the screen!

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