the way to 2.22.


the latest list of GNOME 2.22 showstoppers is out:

  • Epiphany:
    • prompt service + tabs fix:accoding to chpe this is a must-fix for any release supporting xulrunner 1.9, so to be on the safe side this should get done for 2.22.
  • Evolution
    • crash in camel_certdb_save at camel-certdb.c:371:
      142 dups total, 9 in the last 30 days.
      Crash when writing the certificates database. This seems to be not Fedora specific (see comment #119) and to still happen with 2.12 (comment #134), so it’s not Fedora-only. Any help to reproduce this (see comment 67 and 69 for flags) appreciated.
    • Error “Summary and folder mismatch, even after a sync”:
      87 dups total, 10 in the last 30 days.
      Sankar works on a workaround to silently resync the folder summary, without displaying a confusing error message to the user. this will hopefully be included in 2.21.90.
  • Gnome-Panel
    • crash in gtk_rc_reset_styles() [2.18 only?]:
      866 dups total, all of them 2.18.
      Vincent said “it’s really unfixable if no developer can reproduce it”, so if anybody wants to help out, please provide the relevant SElinux log for vuntz, and the value of the gconf key /desktop/gnome/font_rendering.
  • Gedit
    • crash trying to print [2.18 only?]:
      115 dups total, 6 in the last 30 days.
      There has not been a single 2.20 report so far, can anybody still reproduce this? Paolo said that they will try to migrate to gtk-print in time for 2.22 which would obsolete this bug.
  • Gnome-Applet
  • Gnome-Media
  • Gtk+
    • Can’t click button after setting it sensitive:
      There are several reviewed and criticized patches attached. Cody recently commented the exact state of this and what has to be still worked out to provide the perfect(TM) patch. Help to get this in before GNOME 2.22 appreciated.
    • File save dialog deletes/empties filename when changing directory:
      In gtk+’s file chooser save dialog, the file name sometimes get deleted and must be manually entered which is quite annoying. This bug is not easily reproducible, but Olle Bergkvist investigated, created a testcase (comment 21) and plans to come up with a patch here.

another one i had forgotten to add to the original mail: only fer can tell about its current status, but if we do not get this worked out for 2.22, i expect GNOME to lose feedback. some reports have already gone to c.g.o instead of, but without having debug information of distros, c.g.o cannot decode the data.

stacktrace crasher bugs.

additionally, as we will get into more freezes, it makes sense to fix crashers.
there are currently 193 bugs with the keyword ‘STACKTRACE’ set (which means “decent stacktrace available) and with GNOME version 2.19-2.21 set (Bug list).
wanna hack? it lists bugs from anjuta, at-spi, bonobo, dasher, dia, eel, empathy, eog, epiphany, evince, evolution/e-d-s/e-exchange/gtkhtml, file-roller, gamin, gconf, gdm, glib, gnome-applets, gnome-control-center, gnome-media, gnome-mount, gnome-panel, gnome-power-manager, gnome-utils, gnome-vfs, gtk+, gvfs, nautilus, pango, rhythmbox, system-monitor, totem, tracker, vino, vte.
if only a few of these crashes get fixed, GNOME 2.22 users will have a more stable desktop and a better user experience. if the stacktrace is not enough information to get it fixed, add a comment and set the bug to needinfo. these are the reports that are useful for us, these are the reports from people that do have debug packages installed. i’d of course especially like to see contributions for those modules that lack manpower, like nautilus and gtk+. the end of a release cycle is always a good time to fix nasty crashers. get it stable!

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  1. Wu says:

    I’m sure grepping for IA__g_closure_invoke and IA__gtk_main yields more.

    Also, I’d like to report has a stacktrace. It happened to ME!

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